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The 2nd Online Training Wave

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There is no denying that the past year has brought a lot changes, and we all needed to adapt to a most unexpected situation. Did these changes bring any good outcomes?


 Last year, the EUROAVIA Training System Working Group (ETS WG) was preparing for a new generation of trainers that would deliver training sessions with clear and lasting learning results. 2020’s TNT was scheduled in March and other training sessions were supposed to be delivered at various international events. Unfortunately, they had to be postponed due to restrictions regarding the pandemic. However, this didn’t stop the ETS WG from carrying out its activity, thanks to a great initiative, the Online Training Wave.

The Online Training Wave consisted of weekly softs skills trainings covering a variety of topics (“Personality Traits”, “Emotional Intelligence”, “Self-Leadership”, “Artificial Intelligence”, just to name a few). Overall, 42.5 hours of training were delivered by 9 trainers, and almost 90 participants attended the 24 sessions scheduled from June to October 2020.

Nonetheless, the process of transforming physical trainings into virtual ones wasn’t easy. We wondered how to maintain the high level of interaction necessary for a training within an online environment? We’re all familiar with the difficulty of focusing during online meetings or lectures. For this reason, the tools offered by virtual platforms, such as breakout rooms, along with a diversity of activities and keeping the maximum time of the sessions to 2h were the most essential elements for a successful transition.

Taking the challenge to the next level, the ETS WG organized a three-week long Online Training Event, “2020: A EUROAVIA Odyssey”.  The purpose of the event was to offer the participants soft skills training sessions that would help them complete the challenge of the event - making a movie. The results of both the trainers’ team and the participants were amazing, and we can proudly say that the members of the ETS WG have mastered the online environment.

With the start of a new year, the ETS WG decided to continue the series of online training sessions through the 2nd Online Training Wave.

Why are we going to continue doing these sessions? Because it’s our mission to deliver meaningful trainings with an eve-improving quality, while connecting EUROAVIAns from all over the world. Nowadays, improving one’s personal skills is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for future careers. We believe that our initiative will help any member to develop new skills by offering a variety of topics. 

The first action we took in order to bring back the online wave was to have an internal session, “How to Online Training”, for the members who were interested in joining but didn’t have a chance to deliver during last year. The veterans of the virtual domain shared tips and experiences regarding online delivery and covered different ways of designing sessions, as well as methods of creating promotional materials for a desired topic. We also had a series of great new ideas regarding creating a nice atmosphere for online meetings, how to motivate and interact better with the participants, having good time management skills during sessions and how to make most of online tools. All in all, it was an extremely productive sessions and you can be sure you will see some new faces delivering new and interesting topics!

We also managed to start the year with two great sessions in February! The topic of the first session was “Why there is no perfect Job...and what you can do about it” to help with identifying present and ideal career aspirations, and methods for finding a fulfilling job.

The topic addressed next was “Job Interview” where participants had the opportunity to explore the basic structure of an interview, as well as challenges that could be a part of it. Participants also had the opportunity to work on how to prepare a checklist for the job interview, and how to answer questions in a structured, positive way.

Both sessions received positive feedback, such as, “I am always glad to make trainings with EUROAVIA, always a good way to learn directly!”,  the trainers’ sharing their experience, and the breakout rooms and the discussion afterwards were just some of the most enjoyable parts of the sessions!

Our wish for the future is to keep addressing interesting topics that will support our fellow EUROAVIAns by offering them  the best learning options. Every Monday of the next few months, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with people from all across the world, so keep an eye on the social media platforms in order to not miss the registration!

We can only say that we are excited to see you join us at any session! The 2nd Online Training Wave is just starting with new topics and new opportunities to discover yourself!


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