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AS Pisa December events

23 December 2020 | Published in News. Read 385 times.
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 Interview with the company: Line Up Aviation

The Curriculum Vitae is our business card and our best chance to be selected for a further interview, so which are the things we should take into account while we create it?

Alessandro Mereghetti, recruiter of Line Up Aviation S.R.L., a leading organization that provides specialized technical engineering services for aerospace and defense industries, took the time to explain to us the key points for a strategic and winning curriculum (such as what to highlight and what to neglect, but also how to organize the CV itself)!

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But that’s not all, because Alessandro also explained to us how the candidate selection process is typically carried out inside companies besides giving us tips on how to best present ourselves during a job interview, both in person and online... And yes, a dress code exists, and it is better to respect it!

It’s been a very interesting event and definitely a great chance to get in touch with the world of work!


Living and building beyond the boundaries of planet Earth

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Living on Mars or on the Moon... Sounds like a science fiction movie, right?

In reality, this is not so far from the truth, and the architect, Graduate Researcher at SICSA (Sasakawa International Center for Space Architecture) and Teaching Assistant Vittorio Netti showed us that the aerospace world is working towards this direction!

During the conference, Vittorio talked about the main issues people living on another planet would face and how the materials and the structures of buildings can help protect them from the extreme life conditions on the Moon or on Mars, such as radiations or lunar storms. But this is not the only factor to take into account: the environment on both the Moon and Mars is very harsh, so for the architecture of buildings it is necessary to think about solutions that can resist to those extreme conditions.

Vittorio showed us all these great challenges the scientific world is facing to make the biggest human dream come true: to live on a planet other than Earth!

And guess what? Apart from the distance factor, it would be much easier to build a colony and live on Mars rather than on the Moon, did you know it?