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"How we can do the best?" The query that mind-boggles our minds every day. How to transmit our principles, energy, confidence, our closeness to our members throughout a monitor? It is difficult, but not impossible.

napoli ns nov

On the 3rd of November, we took part in an event called NGOs Day. Every year there is at least a day in which Federico II's associations (the university where our AS is located) meet the students. This year the event took place as an online meeting and also our yearly slideshows are still being part of professors' online lessons. You know, the second wave of the pandemic seems worse than the first one, at least in our city, Naples. To preserve our health, until the second lockdown, we are trying to organize a new series of webinars called #EANaTeacHow.

It draws inspiration from the term "Know-How" which represents the operational knowledge and skills required to carry out a job. We set against it the concept of "Teach-How" to allow our members to learn something new, thanks to skilled and passionate people.
The event of the past month called "How to get away with a Curriculum Vitae" was a webinar, open to every EUROAVIA member. The speakers were from Experis, global leader in professional resourcing and project-based workforce solutions, and brand of ManpowerGroup.
We had the opportunity to learn more about the multinational company, its vision, its mission, and also its service facilities with Marco Bartoccioni, the Responsabile Labs - Experis.

Giuseppe Marrocco, Responsible for Business Development - Experis, was a EUROAVIA Napoli member and he took part in this event talking about “Mechanical Competence Center & Focus on the market”. Its input was crucial to analyse Industry 4.0 and to sympathize with the most useful software for their customers. The third speaker was Sonia Nardi, Team Leader CORE - Experis Academy. In parallel with discovering new workers and new jobs, the learning-baggage cannot stop increasing. Thanks to the existence of Experis Academy we discovered from the inside these opportunities given, also in a freeway, and with a lean approach. The lean approach means that the courses are provided according to the market's request!
The last speaker was Oriana Mancusi, Recruiter CORE - Center of Recruiting Excellence - Experis. It was the hot spot of our webinar: she is a Recruiter and she talked about how to do the best curriculum ever! Why is it important? Setting up your CV clearly and synthetically, allows you to meet your dream company. It is your business card, and you have to speak the same language that the company uses. Describing your attitude, your skills, your know-how, and your experience in a way that everyone can learn about you factually. The added value of this webinar is the opportunity to learn something you cannot find anywhere else.

napoli ns november

In the end, we are glad to announce to everyone in EUROAVIA that ELEGOO becomes a part of our network: it is our partner! They sent us a special 3D printer, ELEGOO MARS 2Pro with a special resin. We cannot wait to use this machine with our members in a workshop!

Waiting for the best time to share equipment with them, we want to underline the importance of Social Media to continue in our project of divulgation of the aerospace culture and to consolidate the link with our members!

AS EUROAVIA Napoli, November 2020

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