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New year, new activities!

05 February 2020 | Published in News. Read 733 times.
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During our exams’ sessions, it’s very hard to organise events and visits since everyone focus on studies, becoming a human-machine meant to (try to) pass the exams.

Nevertheless, this month we decided to organise an important meeting with some of our partners. Among them, we find Studyroom, an important Neapolitan Project that offers a place where everyone can study in the mood that is preferred. There are few thematic rooms, rooms for students that study engineering or medicine, like the one for students who prefer to walk while repeating and theone for those who study in total silence!napoli


The other partner we met is the creator of “Ingegneria del suicidio” that is a comic Facebook and Instagram page that talks about every engineering stereotype. During this meeting, there was a special guest. His name is Marcello Dario Cerroni, he is an electrical engineer and Youtuber that teaches Calculus and Physics, with hundreds of video-tutorials uploaded on his channel. He decided to come to Naples from Rome on the 25th of January for an "ask-me-everything" session about work and university.

Next month we'll increase our efforts since our members can be moreinterested in our activities!

We hope to see you early in the next international events!

Build the wings of our future!

AS Napoli