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AS Napoli's February events

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We began the month of February with the second episode of our series: #EANaChats.

This time the main themes were gender equality and the gender pay gap. The idea was born after some private messages between us and an international association: Women in Aerospace Europe, Local Group of Rome. The project requested more than a month of preparation, due to its complexity and the vastness of the argument.

Napoli Feb 1

On the 4th of February, the interview, named "The Equalizator", was held on the platform Zoom. The conversation was built around the milestones that characterized human life, beginning from Junior school, all throughout the University, work, and family, ending with retirement. Thanks to Alice Pellegrino and Federica Angeletti our members could discover these steps from another point of view: in fact, due to the fact that Alice worked in Japan for a few months, she was able to bring an interesting point of view on gender gap both in the Italian and worldwide context.

Finally, during the night of the 14th of February an interview that we did for a local Radio went on air: that was the best Valentine gift ever. There was a surprise because it was displayed also on TV on an Italian Channel. It was amazing and we decided to publish the same interview on our social pages to allow those who couldn't follow it on TV to watch it as well. We were excited and proud that the name EUROAVIA was in the mouth of everyone that day.

On the 22nd of February, there will be another event: it'll be in Italian and it was realized in collaboration with MathWorks. Months ago, we organized the same event but concerning another theme: Simulink OnRamp. This time we chose a Live-YouTube format and the topic is going to be the Stateflow OnRamp. All throughout the event a series of tasks are going to be presented to the participants and solved in detail step by step by the speakers, explained in a very friendly way! The Live will be available on the YouTube channel “MATLAB Ambassador Italy”!

Nowadays we are crazy busy due to the main upcoming workshop signed EUROAVIA Napoli that is going to start on the 26th of February: “CFD Challenge for Design”. We can reveal very little about it: it’s going to be a surprise, but you can know that it is based on the aerodynamic of the rear wing of racing cars. It took several months to prepare it, but now we are excited and we can't wait anymore. You will know more about it next month.

Hope you stay all safe!


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