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AS Napoli December news

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December has arrived: maybe we aren't ready to let this 2020 go! The entire world was suffering from the pandemic, but now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

This December was full of opportunities, planned for the new year.

On the 19th of December, we had an important role in one of the MathWorks events: "Simulink Onramp" organized by the Italian Ambassadors. It was an online event, live on Youtube! By our side, we had a guest from Ingegneria Del Suicidio, an Italian community that gives a hilarious reading key to the engineering world.

Simulink is a MathWorks software, that uses a model-based language: through the blocks, you can build diagrams and study dynamics problems. The event hosted two Italian MatLab Ambassadors, Francesco Orefice and Michela Gravina, Gianmarco Valletta from Ingegneria delSuicidio and our treasurer Raffaele Aucelli. They tried to solve, together with the online viewers, the exercise that Simulink Onramp used to introduce people to the Simulink world. It was very fascinating and instructive, and the speakers answered the questions and curiosities of the participants, helping them in case they had any problems with the exercise.

In the end, Francesco Orefice challenged us to participate in the MathWorks Minidrone Competition 2021, a yearly worldwide competition. It is difficult goal, using MatLab and Simulink. The final step is to allow our drone to follow automatically a red line on the floor: this year it will be online in a virtual environment. The previous year we already hosted this competition in the hall of our University and we found it very inspiring.

During the event "Simulink Onramp" we made an announcement: we decided to create a new team of EUROAVIA Napoli that will participate in the competition.
We would therefore like challenge you to create a EUROAVIA team of your AS! So, do you accept the challenge? Let us know if you would like to participate: we hope you will be there with us, by our side, letting the world know the EUROAVIA universe!

Moreover, on the 23rd of December, we organized a live on our social media page. It was our way to link with our members to revisit this year together, celebrate the importance of the present, dream about the future, and celebrate Christmas and the New Year.

We believe that every new day represents a chance to do something better than the previous one: so we want to say to the entire EUROAVIA Universe that together we can always do more and more. We hope that during this year we showed the whole world that EUROAVIA Napoli is here, despite everything, and that we turned every barrier on our way into a launch pad!

Enjoy these holidays, enjoy the events, enjoy the challenges, enjoy life!
Stay safe and we hope to see you soon!

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