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Lustrum & EMEAC Aachen, 3rd-11th of May

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This year we’re going back to where it all began....

Sixty years ago, a group of students from Aachen had a dream of creating an association of all European aerospace students in order to achieve better cooperation of aerospace and astronautic industries of different countries. And so, the idea of EUROAVIA was born.

What is EUROAVIA today?

Well… we can come up with a list of keywords that perfectly describe our association, such as technical capabilities, soft skills, friendship, international gatherings.

But in essence, EUROAVIA still represents an idea. And that idea is that aerospace students from all over Europe join forces to be better… professionally, personally and on any other level involved.

Every five years current members, Alumni or other prestigious people that have been part of or have collaborated with EUROAVIA gather together at an official celebration called Lustrum. The 12th Lustrum in EUROAVIA history will take place between the 3rd and the 5th of May in Aachen. During the event, the participants will have the opportunity to attend presentations, take part in panel discussion and further develop a network of friends from different countries and of different ages.

This event represents the perfect opportunity to really feel the EUROAVIAn spirit and observe how it transcended through generations.

Right after the Lustrum, AS Aachen is going to host EMEAC which stands for Electoral Meeting of the EUROAVIA Congress. EMEAC represents a traditional EUROAVIA event that takes place annually and its main goal is to choose the future International Board. It is important to actively take part in choosing the future leaders of the association, as they, through their vision, are going to guide EUROAVIA for the next business year. Besides that, reports of the first half of the business year and the plans for the second one are going to be presented.

We encourage all the members to feel more connected to the association and to do so, it is necessary to be aware of its core values and the principals that guide it. The Lustrum and the EMEAC represent the perfect opportunity to really get an idea of how this association works and get closer to its spirit!

Also, if you want to know more about EUROAVIA, we recommend you to read the ‘Our History’ section here and get familiar with its rich history!

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