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Urban air mobility has been an emerging topic for years and it promises to revolutionise  the way we think about urban transport forever.

Lilium, our Munich-based partner, is already ahead of the game with their fully developed all-electric jet-powered five-seater air taxi and last month they offered us a glimpse into the future of air mobility with the occasion of the maiden flight of the Lilium Jet.

The flight was only meant to test the vertical lift-off, but it was nonetheless a big success and a major milestone was reached.

What exactly is the Lilium Jet? 

As we already said, the Lilium Jet is an electric Vertical Take Off and Landing( eVTOL) vehicle. What makes it unique it’s the simplicity of the design with only one moving part in the engines and no tail, no rudder, no gearbox. If you are interested to know more about the design of the Lilium Jet, you can find out more on their website.

Now that we introduced you to the concept, the team, the so-overwhelming enthusiasm, we hope we have triggered your interest. The vertical lift-off test was just a step of the many more that will follow in the process of testing the full range of the jet’s capabilities and getting the necessary certifications.

The good news is that they are searching for new talents to enrich their team. You can find below the complete list of the available positions:

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