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Valentina Luchetti

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“EUROAVIA is an amazing family that makes you find incredible opportunities and live unforgettable experiences”


Valentina got close to the aerospace world by studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Pisa, where she also got involved in EUROAVIA.

She still remembers when she was super shy and unconscious of what that was. She joined the first meeting of EUROAVIA Pisa in September 2013. There, a world of opportunities and friends open in front of her eyes. From then on, she was part of the local board of Pisa for about 3 years, and then a member of several departments at international level.

In EUROAVIA Pisa she covered the position of executive member and then of vice president for two years, during one of which she has co-organised the Fly-In Pisa event.

Concerning the international level, she started as Press WG Coordinator (now Communication WG), thanks to Giusy, a former member of EUROAVIA Pisa and previous coordinator of the WG. This experience, together with attending quite a lot of international events (around 20!), led Valentina to be slowly more and more involved in other WGs and EUROAVIA international in general.


She worked for the Affiliated Societies WG in the expansion unit and she considers it one of the most rewarding positions since you can help students from Universities around Europe to mould a local group that creates opportunities for thousands of students! Indeed, during that time, she helped AS Padova and AS Forlì-Bologna to reach their goal and become Affiliated Societies.

Then, at the AMEAC 2016 in Bucharest, she was awarded by the International Board (IB) for the contribution she gave to the EUROAVIA and the IB during that year.


One year after, at the AMEAC 2017 in Cluj-Napoca, she was elected as Designated International Board member, to then become IB, together with Juan Manuel Lora Alonso, Javier Ferrero Mico and David Leiser, for the BY 2017-2018.



 Valentina remembers the time as an International Board member, surely as the busiest period she had in the association, but mainly as a very happy and funny one. The team she was in truly marked her life and it is, as of now, still the best working team she has ever had, she said.

After ending her BY as an IB member, she became inactive in EUROAVIA, but she surely hasn’t stopped any of the relationships she started during those years as she is still in contact with a lot of EUROAVIA friends all around Europe and still meeting them around the world.

For Valentina, international events are the core of this association. They truly allow students to get familiar with the aerospace world, while getting to know international students, networking and building friendships around Europe!


Once her journey in EUROAVIA came to an end, she moved to Hamburg to work for Airbus as customer programs and product line managers supporter and then from March of 2021 she has started a new job as Operations Manager (COO) of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC).


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