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Interview with Gonzalo Díaz

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“In spite of all the professional opportunities that EUROAVIA offers you, it’s more about the personal experience that keeps you attached to such a great family”, says Gonzalo former president of AS Madrid.


Gonzalo graduated with his bachelor degree in Aerospace Engineering at the Politechnical University of Madrid in Spain four years ago. Right after finishing it, he began a master’s degree in Aeronautical in Engineering at the University Carlos III of Madrid, at the same time that he started working for Iberia. He’s now finishing his final thesis and is willing to continue developing his professional career as an engineer.

During his second year of studies, an activity organized by EUROAVIA Madrid caught his attention for the first time. After his participation in this event, and although at the time only six people composed the Local Group, he decided to get more involved in the Association seen the potential he found it could have. During the next three years, he would take part in the Local Board, first as an Executive Member, and then as the President twice. These three years of hard work and the amazing team he had the pleasure to work with, allowed the Local Group to grow up to ninety members! They did not only manage to increase the number of members, but also the activities they organized. After finishing his bachelor degree four years ago, he decided to step back from EUROAVIA and let new generations come and discover its potential.

But, what made him fall in love with EUROAVIA? As he says, it was his first International Event, the AMEAC 2015 in Leuven, Belgium, that made him realize what EUROAVIA offers. After coming back to Madrid, he realized he needed to share this experience. He started spreading the word among local members and trying to encourage them to join International Events. He decided to get more involved in EUROAVIA too, and so, he joined the Press WG. In terms of IEs, he also joined the EMEAC 2016 in Valencia, Spain and then organized, with the help of the rest of the team, a Symposium in Madrid in September of 2016. As he points out, “after coming back of each IE I felt like having the double of energy than before leaving”.

thumbnail_DSC_98361.jpgHis best memory at a local level was when he realized that they had finally arrived at the opening of the Symposium in Madrid. That made him see that all the hard work they had been through the past months had come to an awesome result. At an international level, it was the publication of the first EUROAVIA Magazine created by the Press WG in 2017 his favourite memory.

In what refers to his professional path, during the last four years he’s passed through different positions in Iberia, leading him to his current position as Lead Engineer of a team of six people. As he says, studying and working at the same time isn’t an easy task, it requires being really dedicated to your job and studies, and to sacrifice a lot of your personal time. Nevertheless, he admits that it helped him the support received from his managers at work as well as the University, where the professors understood his situation perfectly.

According to Gonzalo, his experience in EUROAVIA has given him a wider vision of the different cultures he’s met during his journey, allowing him to understand how different we live depending on the country we stay in. In his professional career, EUROAVIA has helped him be more confident and improving his English level. He also says that thanks to EUROAVIA he’s developed some soft skills he now considers the essentials for his job, such as team working, public speaking or leadership.

For him, EUROAVIA is about team-working and passion. He defines the Association as an incredible opportunity where to meet new friends that would probably be with you during your whole life. “That is the reason why, in spite of all the professional opportunities that EUROAVIA offers you, it’s more about the personal experience that keeps you attached to such a great family”, concludes Gonzalo.



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