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Game of Drones

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For the year 2019, EUROAVIA Napoli is going to host the first DroWo (Drone Workshop) in EUROAVIA’s history: Game of Drones 2019.

The workshop will be set as a challenge for engineering students: 25 participants, divided into 5 teams, are going to build five quadcopters and a jury is going to declare the winning team. The best drone is going to be selected on the base of quality parameters, such as endurance, acceleration, manoeuvrability and others.

The event will take place from the 6th of May to the 11th, each day starting in the morning and ending in the afternoon.

The first two days are going to be focused on the training course, that will provide the students the knowledge needed to build the drone: flight controller, ESC, Power Distribution Board, propellers, mechanics of flight, Beta Flight (which is the software used to set the drone) and many other essential facts about the drone world; the course will also include a theoretical and practical lesson about welding.

From the 8th to the 10th of May the participants are going to build their drones. Once the teams are formed, each team is going to choose the drone’s components among those available; the organizers are going to assign a symbolic price to the available components, based on the quality of the component: this price will be subtracted to a starting budget, which is equal for all the teams. Thus, a cheaper drone is going to be evaluated with more points. During the construction the participants will be helped by some experts on the field and a technical manual which has been suitably written.

napoli dronesThe last day (11th of May), all the participants are going to meet at the airfield Club Airone, where a professional pilot is going to fly the drones to test their quality. At the end of the day the jury is going to declare the winning team. The price is the chance to keep the drone.

EUROAVIA Napoli’s Local Board, through this event, wishes to present a first concept to make a workshop focused on the drones. During the organization, the Local Board worked in synergy with Luca Miele and Lorenzo Pucci from the Mechanical Engineering department, who has some experience in building drones and helped with important ideas about the challenge, and Andrea Detry from the Aerospace Engineering Department, who has some experience in the 3D printing.

Also, the sponsorship plays a key role in the organization of the event:



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These sponsors provided us financial support and prime materials for the event.

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