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Meet AS Forlì-Bologna’s new Local Board

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During the last Election of EUROAVIA Forlì-Bologna, a new group of willing, ambitious members has been elected in order to represent and guide the association for the 2021-2022 Business Year. We are glad to present them to all the EUROAVIA community:



Andrea Curatolo – President

Andrea is on the verge of graduating with his master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. He is passionate about space and wants to contribute to making humanity a multi-planetary species. In his free time, he practices sports, reads books and he will never refuse an evening spent in company. He is interested in continuous learning and personal development and, in fact, he has participated in many online trainings organised by the EUROAVIA Training System, such as the “2020: A EUROAVIA Odyssey” event. Moreover, he was the leader of the Airbus Sloshing Rocket Workshop finalist team called Neptunus.

Johan Birnie Hernández – Secretary

He is a mechanical engineer who, one day, was driving in the chaotic Guatemalan traffic and, the next, was discovering Italy. He is trying to find the equilibrium between mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering (which he is now studying with Andrea), watching a variety of sports, TV series, reading and travelling – it sounds impossible! He has been an active member at the local level from the beginning, finding eminent speakers for online conference calls. His origins will surely give a multi-cultural richness to the whole group. He was also one of the members of the ASRW finalist team Neptunus.

Beatrice Boccadifuoco – Treasurer

Beatrice is starting the last year of her bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. She is a science and space enthusiast. In her free time, however, she enjoys dancing, singing, watching movies and reading. She is the only member of this group to have been elected for the second time. During the last Business Year, she was already the Treasurer of the association. In this way, the knowledge and experience she has developed are going to provide a solid and reliable foundation for the realisation of the group’s future projects. Lastly, she was the editor in chief of the third issue of our local magazine.

Chiara Paceschi – Executive Member & Vice-President

Chiara is also going to attend the last year of her bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. She is passionate about space exploration, simulation and control programs. She is dividing her time between university, helping with the local Design WG where she creates flyers and being one of the managers of a student project aimed at designing a Mars rover. The fact that she already has experience in covering a coordinating role made the group decide to give her the title of Vice-President.

Giovanni Mussoni – Executive Member & International Contact Member

Giovanni is the youngest member of the group: he has just finished the first year of his bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. He loves watching movies and he is a big fan of Scuderia Ferrari. He also has other hobbies like mountain biking, gaming, and exploring the world of economy and investments. Despite his young age, he has already been active in the local Communication WG by writing articles and he has also participated in the first online international event “EUROAVIA: Much more than an association”. His ambitious initiative was the reason why he has been nominated for ICM.

With this superb new board, AS Forlì-Bologna is warming up its engines for another successful year. Good luck guys!

By AS Forlì-Bologna Local Board 2020-2021


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