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AS Napoli Report - May 2021

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Even if we are approaching the end of the associative year, EANa continues to carry out its job, as it always has!

Our series #EANaChats, once again, was further enriched with two special guests from TECNAM Aircraft: Stefano Mavilio and Michele Oliva.T ECNAM Aircraft is one of the main companies in the south of Italy in the field of aviation. As written on their website it is " A Company of fun and motivated individuals, looking to put their passion for flight and unleash their potential”. TECNAM Aircraft produces ultralight powered aircraft, and it was founded by the Pascale brothers in 1948 as Partenavia! Their legacy is still in the hallways of the company: every year we visit the TECNAM museum, and each time we are astonished by every little detail we discover.


As said before, representing TECNAM Aircraft were:

  • Stefano Mavilio, a veteran of the company. He is Global Marketing eCommunication Manager, and he was the author of "L'aviazione dei Fratelli Pascale".
  • Michele Oliva, the Head of Design Organization, and Professor in the University "Federico II di Napoli".

The conversation followed the achievements of the many branches of the company, starting from the most recent projects, such as the P-Volt: a full electric twin engine aircraft. The flow of the discussion was given by some interesting questions from EUROAVIA Napoli’s members, regarding the X-57, general engineering pieces of advice, and the Travelcare: the active response from TECNAM to the pandemic. In fact, The Travelcare aircraft is a platform that combines Tecnam’s P2012 aircraft with DESMON’s specialized ultra-freezer to deliver COVID vaccines to even the most inaccessible areas. As always, we were overjoyed to organize an event with such great appeal and to discuss such interesting projects.

Looking at the future, we are in the "Election month". Because of that, the Local Board will focus its attention on every member who demonstrates his interest during the events, especially those who are in Working Groups. Now it's time to create the new Designated Local Board so we invite everyone to go have a look at our website and statute and get informed about the roles inside the association. It’s also a must to remind our associates that they have the right to participate in the election also like voters, to take an active part in associative Life!


The "Election Day" will be held on the 6th of June.

Stay all safe!

AS Napoli

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