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Alumni XChange, Lisbon 2019

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ExMEAC 2019 in Lisbon kicked off with the Alumni Xchange where four former members of EUROAVIA that are currently active in the EUROAVIA Alumni Association shared their experience and background.

Their insight was very valuable since they all work in different areas in the aerospace field, come from different countries and were active members of EUROAVIA in different periods.

The first point of the agenda consisted in a short presentation of the Alumni Association and the four members introducing themselves. Moritz Jung, President of the EUROAVIA Alumni Association made an open call for action to improve the collaboration between the current generation of students and the alumni: keep track of EUROAVIA members that are graduating and encourage them to join the Alumni Association and invite the Alumni to the events that the Local Groups are organizing.

 For those of you interested in knowing more about the EUROAVIA Alumni Association, you can check it here.

Next on the agenda was a short presentation of the activity of EUROAVIA nowadays held by Francesco di Lauro, EUROAVIA IB President aiming to keep the Alumni informed about the current activities that EUROAVIA undertakes.

The rest of the morning was focused around the idea of networking with the Congress participants being divided into small groups and having the opportunity to chat with the Alumni. We would like to share with you a few thoughts that emerged during these talks about the idea of networking.

‘You don’t have to be a great public speaker. It’s more about the preparation and post-paration. When you are going to a networking event, make sure you know the people’s name and what they are doing. Most of the time is not about luck but about preparation and if you do it often enough luck occurs.’

Beatriz Dominguez Baena highlighted that when it comes to networking ‘LinkedIn is a great tool but not the only tool’.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the four Alumni that joined us prior to ExMEAC 2019 and for being so close to our dear association:  Moritz Jung, Beatriz Dominguez Baena, Bryan Lovrinovic and Adriano Andrade.



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